Fake IMEI Tracking Software Sold In The Name of Unlocking

Reading a few lines of text can easily help you understand whether a software is a genuine one or not. If you have gone through this website, then you will know that we are brutally honest on helping you find mobile phones. In our mobile tracking guide we have also told you that IMEI tracking is not going to help you find the location of your missing phone, unlike other websites which claim something else.

Here is that “something else” software that is popular on the Internet. The software promises to track phone’s location through IMEI number. In reality, what is shown is different and the way this “IMEI tracking software” functions is completely different.

Named as “IMEI Number Tracking Location” app, this is yet another fake software on the Internet that serves a different purpose. Yes, the software works (well, at least that’s what it promises to do so) but it’s functions are entirely different. For example, the software can unlock the phone that is locked.

So, if you have an iPhone locked under the carrier, then such software can unlock and change IMEI numbers. I am not sure how legit is this method, but you will be tricked into “paying” money if you buy their story.

Fake Software: IMEI Tracking App

A fake software promising to find the location of phones using IMEI number.

Sites like this are the reason why we have questions from people who are relentlessly searching for a free IMEI tracking softwares. The answer is simple: there are no publicly available IMEI tracking softwares. The online IMEI sites offer nothing but your phone’s information. If that’s what you need, feel free to use them.

Softwares like this are sold for $30 and more. Some of them have gone as far as $149, with the fine print reading: “we unlock your phones” while the headline says “IMEI location tracking software.” Beware of such scams. That said, I haven’t found any free or paid IMEI tracking app that really works! By tracking I mean apps that can find the location of the phone just by using the IMEI number. That technology, I am afraid, is still unavailable.

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