Using iPad App to Find Stolen iPhone

While what we have mentioned in our mobile tracking guide may seem like common sense, the truth is that finding a lost or stolen iPhone requires you to install or turn ON apps, only then you will be able to effortlessly track the phone’s accurate location. Here is another news on how a stolen iPhone was found and recovered with the help of an application installed on an Apple iPad.

Darvell Hunt lost his iPhone at a gas station but was quickly able to recover it using another gadget.

According to KSL, after making sure the iPhone was stolen, Darvell used his Apple iPad to track the device’s location.

“I jumped in my car and ran back down there. About the same time I got there I could tell by my iPhone app that it had started (moving) north,” he said.

To be able to track his iPhone, the default “Find My iPhone” app was used. This is Apple’s free location-tracking app which works on all the iOS devices and lets you find the device even through a desktop computer.

Once the iPhone’s location was known, Darvell called police and told them: “Hey, take my iPad. It’s tracking it (my iPhone) and you can follow that signal and you can find out where they are going.”

Tracking a person who stole an iPhone can be easier with the help of map. As Find My iPhone provides map and real-time location details, it was easier for the cops to trace the iPhone.

It turns out not only an iPhone but also the wallet was stolen, so it was safe to assume that both of them were with the same person. Here’s the funny part of the news though: the lost iPhone and waller were found on a moving bus.

The thief knew the iPhone can be tracked, probably that’s the reason he/she left the materials on the bus. The found iPhone, however, was in a bad shape.

If you haven’t activated Find My iPhone app on your iOS devices, then it’s the right time to do so. Alternatively, there are dozens of free iPhone tracking applications one can use to remotely trace and monitor iPhones.

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