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Police Officers are Selling Stolen iPhones — Do Not Buy Them!

Although mobile theft seem to have reduced the overall crime rate, it is still a very serious issue. Over 10000 phones are missing every day, and the number seem to grow as we speak. What can cops do here? They have advised owners to brick a smartphone that’s stolen,

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Police Offers Leaflet to Stop Theft of Smartphones

Ireland’s national police service, commonly known as Gardai, is now offering leaflets that addresses ongoing crimes in the Dublin city. With the rise in mobile theft, it is evident that the focus of such an initiative is create awareness among the public. These leaflets are focused on mobile phone crimes.

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AT&T Protects Information of Stolen Mobiles Through its Database

AT&T already has an insurance plan for iPhones that are lost or misplaced. This insurance allows smartphone owners to track the location of their device, and even deactivate it within a couple of seconds.

The feature has been further expanded, due to the increase in mobile theft and user complaints.

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Smartphone Theft to Reduce, Says Fox News

We already have a billion smartphones activated till now and we will have another half a billion activation in under 6 months, according to mobile experts. This rapid growth and adoption of smartphones is both satisfying and dangerous.

Satisfying because we can easily access information and dangerous because there are a lot of robbers out there,

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Mobile Theft Increases by 8% but Brings Down Crime Rates

We estimated that over 10000 mobiles are stolen every day. This could be a good thing, as the overall crime rate has seen a decline.

According to the Independent website, criminal cases have been dropped by eight percent between 2011 and 2012. While there is no specific reason why this happened in England,

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Phone Theft in the World: Over 10000 Mobiles Stolen Daily

Two years ago Reuters published an article about smartphone security mentioning a very interesting number: about 113 phones are stolen in the US every minute. That’s right — every minute! This is a massive number!

In a day over 2700 mobile devices are stolen in US,

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Reselling Stolen iPhone is Always a Crime


Remember the lady who sold someone else’s smartphone on Craiglist? If she is found guilty, she would be charged $20000 in fines with up to 18 months in jail. Here is another similar case where three men stole a smartphone and decided to sell it.

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Stealing a Phone & Selling it Online Can be Dangerous

Always remember: NEVER ever steal a phone, or anything from anyone else. That said, here is an interesting story of two women. They fought for a reason not known to us, but one of them goes on to steal a phone and a purse of the other.

What happens next is even more bizarre: the lady,

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Jay McGuiness From The Wanted Lost His Mobile Phone

Wondering why The Wanted’s Jay McGuiness is not tweeting anymore? Many of us would say that he is busy partying with the boys. Probably yes. But there is another reason behind Jay’s non-tweeting adventure: he lost his phone.

Man Offering Reward for Finding Lost iPhone 4S

Do you have it in you to track a stolen or lost iPhone?

We have had many stories of people losing their smartphones regularly and some of them recovering it by sheer luck, but this is a unique challenge from a man who lost his Apple iPhone.

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