All About Motorola Keylink: The Bluetooth Tracking Device For iPhones & Androids

It’s funny.

You see, if a company invents something truly innovative in the gadget space, and it is adapted aggressively by the consumers — more companies will follow that success path.

This leads to more options for the consumers, which means new innovation and also affordability.

In short, customers win!

It is Motorola this time that has adopted a bluetooth tracking technology into its new product called “Motorola Keylink.” The key concept has been here for years, but Motorola added its own flavor to the dish.

So what is Motorola Keylink exactly?

It is a small piece of device that does two things: first, it acts as a traditional keychain that you can use at your convenience. Second, it offers a tracking tool that will help you find your lost or misplaced mobile phone.

Motorola Keylink is compatible with smartphones running Android operating system and Apple iPhones running iOS firmware.


Available only in black color, the new Motorola Keylink tracking device

How It Works & The Inside Tech Specs

When you get this device, the first thing you have to do is install a piece of software in your Android or Apple iPhone. This software — called “Motorola Connect app” — bridges the Keylink device with your smartphone.

This happens over the bluetooth.

Next, say that you have misplaced your phone. Now, pick up the Keylink and press the button twice. This will make your phone ring.

It’s that simple.

Just note that you should be standing (or sitting) anywhere within 100 feet. If the distance between your Keylink and the smartphone is more, you will not be able to track the device.

One big benefit of Keylink over the other accessories is the connectivity. Your phone should have bluetooth technology — fortunately, every phone these days does.

But what if you lose the Keylink somewhere? How can you find the misplaced Keylink? You certainly can’t use another Keylink, right?

This is where the smartphone app is useful. You have to fire up Motorola Connect app from your Android or iPhone, then hit one button to find the misplaced or lost keychain.

You will get a map showing exactly where the Keylink is located.

Motorola has taken a step further with Keylink. If you have Nexus 6, Moto X (2nd Gen), Droid Turbo or any Android smartphone with 5.0 Lollipop or later installed, the smartphone will unlock automatically when the Keylink is within distance (it’s optional).

iPhone users, for now, do not have this freedom.

Battery, Price & Availability

Battery: Inside Keylink you will find the standard round cells similar to the ones you have in your watch. You can always replace this battery with a new one.

Motorola says this standard battery will last for a full one year, after which replacing may be necessary.

Price: In the US, Keylink can be purchased for $24.99 directly from the Motorola website. Note that additional shipping cost will be added — as per Motorola’s website, free shipping is available only when your order is more than $75.

If the device goes out of stock, check Motorola Keylink on where sellers are frequently providing discounts (and sometimes with free shipping).

Overall, Motorola Keylink is a simple device that is affordable and well thought out. It looks simple, has no fancy options, and does what it was designed to do — track your lost items and cell phones almost immediately!

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