Tracking a Lost Phone Through Airtel SIM Card

Question: So I was reading a post on the Internet where someone said that it is possible to track the location of a phone through the SIM card. I don’t know about the actual procedure, but I would like to learn more.

I recently lost my Micromax phone in college. All the photos, messages, phone numbers and other important songs are in the phone. There was also my Airtel SIM card in the phone. I want my phone back, so I was thinking if I can trace the phone via SIM card?

Answer: Interesting question. As you have lost the cellphone in your college, I would recommend you to let everyone know about this through your college’s website. Many colleges have a platform for students where they can post about missing items. See this: Use your college website to find lost phones.

As far as tracking a phone via SIM card is concerned, I am sorry — this is not possible. You cannot track the location of your lost Microsoft phone. That said, if you have a smartphone with Android OS installed, there is still some hope left, assuming you have third-party tracking apps installed.

I was in touch with a guy who was working at Airtel customer support. He clearly told me that they get around hundred complaints daily from people who have their phones lost or stolen. Unfortunately, unlike AT&T carrier, Airtel network cannot lock phones.

You can, however, ask Airtel to block your SIM card. Just give your phone number to the Airtel customer support. You can also visit Airtel showroom to order a new SIM card with the same phone number. This will take about 4 hours. Our mobile tracking guide explains how Airtel-powered phones can be found through Airtel Mobile Locator application. The only downside is that you should have the application pre-installed before losing your phone.

Have faith because, who knows, you might be lucky as this guy who found his lost Micromax phone on a train.

Ultimately, it’s only possible to bar (ban) your SIM card — no way to track the lost phone anymore. Although I did read a news last year about police tracking a notorious gangster through the phone number, which I don’t think is a privilege accessible for common people like us.

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