Use Your College Website to Find Your Lost Phone

If your mobile phone fell out of your pocket, or if you have misplaced it on your way to college then simply let the world know about this. How can you possibly do that? You can submit a detailed post about your missing phone on a local classified website, or use your college’s web platform.

Almost every college has a platform dedicated for its students. Here, anyone can post a message on any topic. As an example, below you will find messages written by students who have lost a phone, or misplaced it somewhere. Some students are offering rewards, while others are simply asking for help.

The University of Chicago has a classified-like website for students. Many students have posted messages about there lost smartphone.

I was at the screening of Emma Mae at Logan tonight and I am 98% that I lost my phone somewhere on the screening room floor. If anyone saw it and has it, or turned it into the staff there, I would really appreciate it you would email me!

It’s a shitty little slide phone not worth stealing, especially because it’s pay-as-you-go, so if I don’t get it back I just won’t add money on it. It does, however, have, such things as my sister’s phone number and pictures of my newborn nephew, so I’d like it back 😀

Thanks, kind people of Chicago!

St. Lawrence University, too, has a platform for free speech:

Hey guys I lost my phone..its white and silver…if ya found it email me at [email]!

Deerfield Academy has a Lost And Found category where students can post (example) about their missing items.

I lost my iPhone 4s. It’s a black iPhone with no case on it. The lock screen has my parents on it, they are on bikes (red) waving at the camera.

If you find it please contact me either at [email] or if you’re kind give it to me in person at Field 101.

I will repay the person if they can return it.

Clark University has a portal for students to announce important messages (post 1, post 2) that is visible to everyone.

I’ve lost my phone. I believe it was probably picked up in the computer lab between 11 a.m. and noon on April 5. It had a blue silicone protective cover on it. It’s currently been taken off campus, so somebody certainly has it, and they picked it up on campus. I would appreciate it if you would return it, either to lost and found, IT services, or the Campus Police.

More the word gets out about your lost phone, healthy are your chances to recover the device. Remember to be polite, and don’t ever blame your friends or teachers. That reflects poorly on you.

If your college doesn’t have a portal, then request the management to post a message on the website to help you in finding a phone.

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