Use Vodafone Locate to Find Location of Multiple Phones

If you want to track several smartphones from a remote location, then you must check out Vodafone Locate. Vodafone Locate is a service from Vodafone that offers an easy way to share your location and your friend’s location effortlessly.

Vodafone Locate: How it works

The person applying for Vodafone Locate service has the power to choose the administrator. He/she can be an admit, then add several other devices that needs to be tracked. So, let’s say, if you want to track your own employees and you are the company’s owner. You can use Vodafone Locate as an admin to monitor and find current location through your Vodafone phone.

All this is based on cloud, which works only if you have an active Internet connection. Once connected to the service, you will have the option to take proactive steps to check current location of your friends or employees.

Location Privacy Guaranteed

Controlled location sharing is one of the important feature of Vodafone Locate. Not anyone can simply buy this service and track everyone. As per the rules, there is a custom privacy option which complies with company policies and rules.

Even though you may be the admin, Vodafone will not allow you to track several phones any time you want. First, the employee must sign a contract that he/she is willing to be tracked. Then the admin has the power to send messages, monitor the current location and use calendar to analyze working hours.

Track Several Phones Remotely

You must know that Vodafone Locate is a service not built for individuals. The focus on a team, where the admin can manage the workers. The platform comes with a login and password where the admin can sign in to quickly track the location. Request can also be made for a specific user to show their location. For example, if you send a request to your friend saying you want to know his/her location through Vodafone Locate, and your friend agrees to share location, then you will be receiving regular SMS notifications.

This is useful especially for small courier companies where tracking the productivity of workers is of utmost importance. Even a group of friends or a small startup company can make use of this system.

To know more about Vodafone Locate, you have to get in touch with the customer service. Note that this service may or may not be available in every country. As this is a cloud-based phone tracking system, the data centers are located in Germany and other countries (as per your local regulations).