Lock a Lost or Stolen Vodafone Phone

If you are using a Vodafone phone, then you can permanently lock the device.

First, you must understand what happens when you lock your Vodafone phone: the phone will stop working. No one will be able to make calls, or use another SIM card in your phone. So, let’s say, if a thief steals a Vodafone phone and if a complaint is lodged to lock the device, then this phone will be useless. It’s locked permanently. Do you want to lock your lost or stolen Vodafone phone? Let’s follow these steps.

Make Sure Your Vodafone Phone is Stolen

There is a difference between losing and stealing. In our definition, losing a phone is equal to dropping it somewhere. It’s most likely that you misplaced your phone, which can be found if you invest some hours to search. Stealing is equal to someone finding a lost phone or someone silently stealing your stuffs, including your phone. Your first step is to make sure that you haven’t lost a phone. The reason is simple: if you did lose it, then you can always recover manually by searching.

This is very important because, let’s say, if you have dropped the phone at your friend’s house. You can always track it using other techniques. But once the device is locked, the phone will be un-trackable. Let’s say you are sure that someone stole it and you have no hopes of finding the device, in which case it’d be better to lock the phone permanently.

Get In Touch With Vodafone Support

Assuming you haven’t applied for any Vodafone insurance, contact the Vodafone customer support to lock the phone. The company, similar to every other network carrier, will lock Vodafone phone using IMEI locking technique. For anyone unfamiliar with IMEI, it’s a unique number of your phone model. So, let’s say, your phone has a 15-digit unique number. You should supply this number while talking to Vodafone’s representative. This IMEI number will be used to block or ban the phone. No one will be able to access the data — text messages, contact list, phone call activity, photos, video clips, etc. — of your phone once it’s locked.

Ask More Info

Some companies like Vodafone will charge monthly fee for barring the phone. The price may vary depending on your country. So, before locking the phone, ask the company for more information. Always make sure that you don’t end up paying huge amount of bills.