Vodafone Location Tracker

Due to demands and competitions in the mobile industry, Vodafone has a program to help you monitor and track location remotely. And in this article you will learn everything you need to know about “Location Tracker” — a “paid” service from Vodafone for its customers.

Vodafone Location Tracker: What is it?

Location Tracker is a paid service from Vodafone India that offers several tracking and monitoring benefits. For businesses, you can track assets such as vehicles, machines and couriers. And for individuals, you can track location of mobile phone in real-time.

This service is built especially for business owners to track employees, minimise traveling costs, and it is still useful only if you have subscribed to it. Before we talk about the pricing details, let us once again look at the features in detail.

Vodafone Location Tracker: Features

To put it in simple words, the two most powerful features offered by Vodafone Location Tracker are as follows:

  • Helps you track people
  • Helps you track assets

There’s more you can do, like:

  • Tracking employees thereby reducing traveling cost
  • Instant interaction thereby reducing communication cost
  • Real-time monitoring of assets thereby reducing theft

Vodafone Location Tracker: Subscription & Pricing

To be able to use Vodafone Location Tracker you have to subscribe, which is possible by calling Vodafone customer care number. More on this has been explained in the sidebar.

One of the sales manager will get in touch with you to explain the benefits involved with this location tracking program. Note that this is a solution targeted for businesses and enterprises.