Block Vodafone Phone And SIM Card Using IMEI Number

If you haven’t subscribed to any mobile insurance plan prior to losing your mobile phone, then Vodafone believes blocking the device is the next logical step to take. This safeguards your private information — from contact list to text messages — stored on your cell phone.

The mobile blocking process requires you to use IMEI number. The first step you must follow is to find the IMEI number of the phone. Of course, if you have already lost or the phone is stolen, finding out the IMEI number will require some effort. For example, you have to dig out the phone’s box to obtain the 15-digit unique IMEI number.

Remember This Before Requesting to Block a Vodafone Phone

Once you have this number with you, get in touch with the Vodafone customer care. Before you request for blocking your phone, understand that this step will cause the following problems:

  • If you have third-party tracking apps installed on your phone, then you won’t be able to track the location of the device.
  • If you frequently receive phone calls, then you won’t receive any after requesting to block the phone.
  • If you haven’t taken remote backup of your data, then you won’t be able to do it after blocking the device.

Vodafone assumes that you are blocking the device because it’s stolen — not lost. A stolen phone is less likely to be found, which is why you want to make sure it’s locked permanently. Doing this will render the phone completely useless. Of course, if the phone is found you can ask Vodafone to unblock it by talking to a customer representative.

IME Blocking Process for Vodafone

Vodafone recommends users to use IMEI number for blocking the phone and the mobile number permanently.

Block Vodafone Phone: If you are using a Vodafone authorized mobile phone, like an Apple iPhone, then you can permanently block the device by calling customer care number. First, you have to supply the IMEI number of the device. Then the representative will ask other questions related to you. Once it’s confirmed that you were the owner of the cell phone, the blocking process will begin. The whole IMEI blocking process may take approximately 24 hours.

If someone decides to make a call from your IMEI blocked phone, then a “call barring” message will be heard. Note that Vodafone will not be able to reimburse or compensate you if the device is lost or stolen.

Update: Vodafone authorized mobile users can also ask for blocking the phone without the IMEI number. As the phone is in their network, the company knows about the IMEI number.

Block Vodafone SIM Card: If you are worried about the SIM card of your phone, or if your phone is not authorised by Vodafone but the SIM card is, then you can still block SIM card by calling Vodafone support number. The process requires you to share your mobile number with the representative who will then confirm your identity and stop the services of SIM card. This will block incoming calls and outgoing calls.

Whether you are using Vodafone micro SIM or ordinary SIM card, the blocking process will always remain the same. Note that it may take up to 48 hours to block SIM card and any calls made prior to that is your loss. The balance of the SIM card cannot be transferred if you are requesting for a duplicate SIM card.