Speak to Vodafone Customer Service

If you have lost your mobile phone or someone stole it when you were not paying attention, then Vodafone recommends you to speak to their customer support. Making a phone call to customer service representative is going to help you in many ways, the company believes.

First, Vodafone recommends every mobile owner who have lost their cell phone to use third-party or built-in tracking apps. For instance, Vodafone says if you have lost an iPhone, then use Find My iPhone app. If you are worried about your missing Android phone, then use Plan B to find its exact location. The network operator also recommends you to immediately make a call to the customer service for more help.

To get started, visit the official Vodafone website. Depending on your place of stay, Vodafone will ask you for your current location. Once the location is chosen, you will be directed to the regional website. So, for example, let’s say you are from New Zealand then you will be pointed to Vodafone.co.nz which is the official Vodafone website for NZ users. Similarly, US users will be redirected to the US version of the website.

From there, you have to get in touch with the customer service. While you can always write an email message or chat online, it would be better to make a phone call. This will be a faster way to communicate your message. The exact customer care number for Vodafone owners is given on the website. For instance, 777 is the Vodafone customer care number for NZ users; 121 is the customer care number for Indian users.

Once you ring a call, you will be talking to a representative who will try to solve your problem. Note that the representative will not be able to track your lost mobile phone, unless you have subscribed to Vodafone’s premium insurance plan. What you can ask for is assistance — ask them to help you guide to prevent unauthorized access or use or your SIM card or your phone.

If your purchased a Vodafone-branded phone, then you can request for blocking the phone through IMEI number. If you have purchased a Vodafone SIM card, then you are request for barring the SIM card permanently — which will block all the incoming and outgoing phone calls.