Find IMEI Number of Blackberry

If your network carrier or operator has blocked your Blackberry phone, then you have to contact them. While doing so you will be asked to give the IMEI number, so that they can check their IMEI database to see whether your phone has been blocked temporarily. So, you might ask, “How do I check my Blackberry’s IMEI number?”

The network carrier should help you find out the IMEIs. If they don’t, this is the only post you need to read. Here we will explain the number of ways to obtain IMEI number of any Blackberry model in a couple of minutes.

Six Simple Ways to Find BlackBerry’s IMEI Number

Method 1: To get the 15 digit IMEI unique number, dial *#06#* from your Blackberry phone. This should bring up a window with the unique number, which can be noted down for later use.

Method 2: Check the Blackberry phone’s box where IMEI number is usually printed.

Method 3: If you are using a Blackberry 10 device, go to Settings -> About -> Category/General and select Hardware. This will show the IMEI number, serial number and the personal identification number (PIN) of your phone.

Method 4: For smartphone users running Blackberry 6 to Blackberry 7, the process of finding IMEI number is a little easier. Simply head over to the Options and click on Device. Select “Device and Status Information” to get the proper IMEI number.

Method 5: If you have a latest Blackberry model running BDS 5.0 (Blackberry Device Software) or earlier, then click on Options -> Status.

Method 6: Removing your Blackberry’s battery reveals the PIN and IMEI details.

Once again, if the phone is lost or stolen, then there is no other way to retrieve Blackberry’s IMEI number, unless you have noted down the details in a notepad or somewhere else safe. There is also no way to reverse engineer and find out the IMEI number of a lost phone with a new SIM card. However, if you have connections with the carrier network, then you can obtain a “call list” which will display IMEI number, call type, number of calls made, and much more details using the mobile phone number.

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