Find IMEI Number of Apple iPhone

Apple recently announced iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S devices recently at an event — one is a budget-friendly phone while the other is a high-end smartphone. The beauty of these new iPhones and the older models is that the software remains the same. The software is what makes iPhones so special. And no matter which model of iPhone you have, by using the software you can know the IMEI number very easily.

Wondering what is the IMEI number of your iPhone? On this page we will share a number of ways by which you can check the IMEI number of iPhones. Although there are dozens of third-party IMEI checkers available on the app store, we won’t be covering them since they are not necessary. Let’s see what it takes to find out IMEIs of iPhone.

Find iPhone’s IMEI Number: Dial The Traditional Number

Go to the phone icon from your iPhone and dial the number *#06#. Then hit the call button. This should retrieve the original IMEI number of your iPhone. If this method doesn’t work, then reboot the device and try again.

Find iPhone’s IMEI Number: Check The Back Panel

The battery of iPhone is not removable. In fact, as you may know, the iPhone is a one-piece smartphone where the parts are glued together thanks to the panels on the front and the back. The back panel, however, has all the information you need — from the place where iPhones were manufactured, which is California, to the IMEI number of the device.

Find iPhone’s IMEI Number: Use iTunes

Plug your iPhone into the computer or laptop, then launch iTunes. The iPhone icon should now be visible on the left side of the iTunes window. Clicking on this will show the “summary” of your iPhone, which includes variety of details including the storage capacity, software version, serial number and the genuine IMEI number. Note down the number or copy and paste it into notepad for later use.

Find iPhone’s IMEI Number: Check Your iOS

The iOS 7 and older firmware follows a similar design. So, regardless of your iPhone model and iOS installed, head over to the Settings icon. Now scroll down and tap on General -> About. Scrolling down further reveals the exact IMEI number.


Q: I lost my iPhone, so how do I find the IMEI number?
A: Head over to the Apple’s website and look into “my products” section. Here, your phone details (date of purchase) along with IMEI number will be displayed. Often times the new iPhone owners while trying to create Apple ID will add their IMEI number on Apple’s website, so we assume you fall into this category. If this doesn’t help you, then look at your iPhone’s box. There is an IMEI number printed on the left or right side. Note down the number.

Q: Can I find directions of stolen iPhone using IMEIs?
A: Even if you use advanced IMEI trackers and checkers online, you won’t be able to find real-time location of stolen or lost iPhones. That’s now how IMEI works. However, if you have connections with the carrier network then, using the SIM card, it is possible to track the location. Alternately, third-party apps and built-in trackers like Find My iPhone should help.

Q: Can iPhone’s IMEI number be changed?
A: A lot of Chinese hackers have found a way to change smartphone’s IMEI number to a new one, leaving little to no clue about the origin of the device. While this is illegal, but changing IMEI number is possible albeit the method and techniques are unavailable to common people.

Q: What can I do with IMEI number?
A: All you can do is learn more about your phone — like the manufacturer name, place it was manufactured and other nitty-gritty details of the iPhone can be known. Tracking an iPhone, however, is not possible using IMEIs.

Q: I don’t know how to find IMEI number of my iPhone?
A: Every iPhone will have an IMEI number. If the above methods did not help, then it’s best to contact Apple customer care and ask them for further help. Giving the right amount of information in a convincing way will increase your chances to get what you want — although tracking and other monitoring techniques are not entertained.

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