How To Get IMEI Number of Locked iPhone?

Atul asks:

So I bought an iPhone 4S from eBay USA website. As I am not from USA, I knew there will be some problem. Unfortunately, I knew this only after purchasing the device. When the iPhone arrived after 14 days, I was asked for activation and I cannot access the main menu (the home screen). I am stuck at the lock screen, so I was wondering what can I do to see the IMEI number of this locked iPhone? Please provide free solution only!


We have a similar question asked by Ken. It goes something like this: He purchased an international iPhone that doesn’t work! It’s most probably because the phone was locked down to a carrier.

You can read all about locked and unlocked phones here.

Now, I am glad you asked for a “free” solution. But what really you are asking is to know the IMEI number… whether the phone works or not is a different story altogether. So let me answer your main question, which in simple words is: “how to access IMEI number of unactivated iPhone?”

Solution #1: To be able to obtain IMEI number from locked iPhone, look at the screen closely. On your lock screen, you will see an “i” button (it’s round). Clicking on this will show you the IMEI and ICCID number of your iPhone.

(Note: let me repeat that you don’t have to type “I” from your keyboard… chances are you are not able to access the iPhone keyword as it is locked. What you have to do is, find the “i” button on the lock screen and press it. This works only for iPhones that are NOT activated. In your case, this should absolutely work!)

Alternate Solution #2: Look at your iPhone box. So many people don’t take this seriously. The IMEI number is printed right on your iPhone’s box. Grab it right now, turn left and right and you will find the IMEI number.

Alternate Solution #3: Dial #*06#. Now I know you are unable to access the main menu, but if your imported iPhone is unlocked (which it is NOT, according to you) then dial this number you can know the exact IMEI number of your new iPhone.

Remember we have many, many ways to find any iPhone’s IMEI number. (Do read that article if you want to know IMEI number through iTunes)

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