Help In Finding Lost Micromax Mobile

Adil asks:

After finishing dinner at a nearby hotel, I left to wash my hands and didn’t take the Micromax Canvas 4 phone with me. The phone was on the table, and unfortunately it wasn’t there when I cam back. This was one year ago. How do I complain about this? What can I do to find my lost Micromax phone? Please help!


Tracking a Micromax phone is very easy if you have the right tracking software installed on your smartphone. We have a huge section on mobile tracking, but right now we have two problems:

The Micromax phone was lost (or stolen) one year ago. This is too long, so having someone return the phone to you after a year is almost impossible.

Micromax doesn’t have any built-in mobile tracker. You have to install third-party tracking apps to remotely find the location of the device.

Now, I am assuming, you haven’t installed any third-party mobile tracking software.

So what else can we do?

Two things: One is to ask the manager of the hotel to help you find the device. You can always calmly explain the situation and they will let you investigate. It’s a difficult procedure, but one you should have done right away.

You can still give it a shot. Initially, the manager said no one will steal the phone of their customer. Later, upon request, he checked every staff. And none of the staff had his phone.

Next day, to his surprise, the same hotel manager called him and told the lost phone was found in the garbage bin. Can you believe that? True story! So give it a try, ask the manager to help you find the device.

Second solution is to lodge a complaint. You can contact any of the nearby police station and hand them over the IMEI number of the Micromax phone. Next you have to wait for them to take action. Usually, this is a slow process but this is the only solution we have so far.

You can also post on websites like OLX, Quickr and other classified sites (see: Use Classified Sites to Find Lost Or Stolen Phones) and reward a small amount to anyone who can find your lost Micromax phone.

What we can only do here is “hope” that you can get the phone back. If you had cell phone tracking software, then knowing the exact location of the device would take no more than few seconds!

3 comments on “Help In Finding Lost Micromax Mobile
  1. Ananta Kishore Das says:

    I want to find my lost mobile
    IMEI code is 911343704577602.
    Will u help me?

  2. Ajay singh says:

    please help to find my micromax Q350
    imei is 91150590203311

  3. Abhishek Bramhankar says:

    My micromax canvas fire 4 A107 mobile has stolen .plz track my imie no and let me know my no is 860091091 M-IMIE:911417452086501 S-IMEI:911417452389509 plz find my mobile it’s very helpfull to me

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