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How Can I Block my Stolen Phone Without IMEI Number?

Dhawal asks:

If I understand this correctly, blocking a phone without IMEI number is supposed to be an easy process. I lost my Vodafone Nokia Asha phone recently. After reading several articles I have learned that I should call the customer care to block my phone.

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Is Free Cell Phone Replacement Possible Under Insurance Plans?

Makau asks:

Can carrier networks like Airtel, Vodafone and others offer a free phone replacement when my phone is lost or stolen? I have already lost an Apple iPhone 4S, a Samsung Galaxy S3 in two years. Now I want to know if I can get back these lost devices through my network operator at no additional cost?

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Can I Deactivate my Vodafone Phone Using IMEI Number?

Dheeraj asks:

The other day we visited a bar where I lost my Apple iPhone (carrier: Vodafone). The model is iPhone 5S, which I recently purchased from Vodafone store. Problem is, I don’t have Find My iPhone app installed. I don’t even have any third-party cellular tracker installed and I am unfamiliar with those advanced GPS techniques.

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How Can Police Track Mobile Phones And Text Messages?

Anamika asks:

I have read several stories of mobile tracking, but I wonder how do these police officers know everything about our device. Can police track text messages? Do they have a GPS tracking device, or any special cellular tracking software with them?


If you are wondering how do police track cell phones,

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How to Find IMEI Number of Verizon iPhone?

John asks:

I recently purchased a second-hand Verizon Apple iPhone, which is working just fine. However, after a few days the phone stopped working. I contacted the Verizon support to ask for more help, but they are asking the IMEI number of the iPhone. So how do I check iPhone’s IMEI number?

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Why is an Internationally Unlocked iPhone Not Working?

Ken asks:

I recently purchased an iPhone 5 from an online store through a seller. Now, whenever I insert the SIM card into this iPhone, I get a request to enter the PIN number. After entering a number the iPhone simply keeps on searching for signal,

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Tracking a Lost Phone Through Airtel SIM Card

Question: So I was reading a post on the Internet where someone said that it is possible to track the location of a phone through the SIM card. I don’t know about the actual procedure, but I would like to learn more.

I recently lost my Micromax phone in college.

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How to Order a Duplicate SIM Card Through Airtel?

Question: I lost my Lava smartphone (Android OS) along with the SIM card. I think someone stole it when I was on a one month vacation. Now I am back home, I don’t think I will be able to find the phone — even if I can track it,

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Successfully Tracked Lost iPhone’s Location But it’s in Another Country

Question: I have an iPhone 5 with many tracking apps installed, although I only activated Find My iPhone through iCloud. I have never lost anything in my life, but my record didn’t last long enough. Two months ago I lost my iPhone 5 when I was on my way to college.

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Thief Asking Money to Return my Stolen Phone

Question: I have been using Apple iPhone 5 for a year now. As a college student, we are asked to keep our belongings outside the room during examination. I kept my iPhone in the bag and rushed to the room to write the exam. What followed next, after the end of exam,

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