How to Find IMEI Number of Verizon iPhone?

John asks:

I recently purchased a second-hand Verizon Apple iPhone, which is working just fine. However, after a few days the phone stopped working. I contacted the Verizon support to ask for more help, but they are asking the IMEI number of the iPhone. So how do I check iPhone’s IMEI number?


Glad that you mentioned the carrier network in your question. Verizon Wireless, unlike other operators, is a CDMA service provider. They label iPhones as their own and sell it to you on a contract basis. The techniques explained in our IMEI tracking guide for iPhones still works. If you haven’t read the article yet, go through them right now: Check IMEI number of iPhone.

Although the guide was written for GSM (SIM card) based iPhones, it still holds true for CDMA devices. More details on how CDMA works are shared in this article: Find IMEI Number of CDMA phones.

Going through these two articles will help you find the IMEI number of iPhone. In short, it’s all a naming game. In GSM network, we call 15-digit numbers as IMEI numbers while in CDMA we have ESN or MEID, which are equivalent to IMEI numbers. There is no difference between the two, except for the naming.

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