Where to Download IMEI Hiding Software For Free?

Question: I am looking for a solution to hide the IMEI number of a phone, so that whenever phone calls are made no will be able to know my location. Is there a free IMEI hiding software that spoofs the IMEI number? If so, where can I download such IMEI hiding application?

Answer: Similar questions have been answered in our IMEI tracking guide. If you haven’t gone through that section, then it’s time to do so right now. In short, from my research, it’s not possible to find IMEI hiding software online. You may find articles written on them, or get links to download the software but you must remember that there are too many fake IMEI changing softwares out there.

Legal issues spur up if you are going to change IMEI number of your phone. Many have already asked if there are any IMEI tracking software online, but the answer is simple: there is none and you should not be worried about cops and government tracking your mobile phone using IMEI number. Let’s see why.

First of all, there are thousands of mobile users in every area. There is a very slim chance that anyone will want to track the location of your current place. Even if they do, IMEI number is not known to them. The number is with you, in your phone. So anyone claiming that there are free IMEI locators available that can monitor phone are simply lying.

The online IMEI trackers you see on the Internet aren’t actually “tracker.” They are simply a tool which shows the mobile manufacturer name, place or country where your phone was manufactured, and other nitty-gritty details. You don’t have to worry that such tools will be able to locate your address.

If you still want to hide IMEI number, then I recommend you to read my answer here: How to hide IMEI number from being tracked. That article should help you understand the various ways in which a person can change this 15-digit number.

It’s important to note that there are dozens of fake IMEI tracking software that are actually “unlockers.” They charge you money first, then give you the download links of the software. Unfortunately, the software doesn’t does what it promises to do, wasting your money and time. So always be careful before buying any software that promises to track location through IMEI number.

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