Does Tata Docomo Offer IMEI Number Tracking?

Question: I was talking to India’s Tata Docomo customer representative who told me about IMEI number tracking, saying that it is possible to track a lost or stolen phone and its location in minutes using the IMEI number. He pointed me to a page on Docomo website (which I am unable to find), but my question is, can I use Tata Docomo service to track the IMEI number of my phone? This is because I don’t remember my phone’s IMEI number anymore.


Tata Docomo for Indian customers offers a wide range of features, out of which one unique — and useful — feature is identifying the IMEI number of the phone. Although Tata Docomo claims that they offer “IMEI number” tracker, the truth is something else. In fact, you have to pay Rs. 199 for this service.

If you have a GSM mobile handset, then tracking the IMEI of any phone — be it a smartphone or basic handset — is really easy if you follow the instructions shared by Docomo on this page.

If you have noticed the title of the webpage, it says “IMEI Number Tracking.” While in reality the content is all about fixing invalid IMEI number. We have already written a resource article on this topic: How to Fix Invalid IMEI Number.

As long as the IMEI is not blacklisted, (see: IMEI blacklist checker) tracking the current location of lost or stolen phone through Tata Docomo using IMEI number is possible, as we have previously mentioned in our IMEI tracking guide.

Alternately, you can work with police and SIM card provider to trace the location of Tata docomo phone.

To cut the long story short, Tata Docomo, from our research, does not offer IMEI number tracker. What they are offering currently is a way to fix invalid IMEIs — which I don’t think is the solution you are after, especially given that you have lost your cell phone! For more info, I recommend you to read this guide for tracking Tata Docomo devices where we explain how to find a lost docomo sim using free methods available today!

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