Nokia Phone Tracking: How To Track Lost or Stolen Nokia Phones

Whether you have any tracking apps installed on your Nokia phone or not, you can still track the device using various techniques. In this guide we have outlined the number of legit ways to track your lost or stolen Nokia mobile phone.

Track Nokia Phones: File a Complaint

A common advice, and one that you will receive from everyone around you, is to register a complaint for your lost Nokia phone. The procedure to register a complaint about your missing or stolen phone varies depending on your location. For example, if you are from India, then you have to head over to a nearest police station and register an FIR while hoping that the cops will do their best to track the device.

Reporting your lost or stolen phone to the police will come in handy. You will be receiving an acknowledgement slip which can be further used as a proof that you already filed a complaint — incase someone misuses your mobile phone by repeatedly making hoax or threatening calls. Once you can done with this, you can follow other procedures.

Sharing Nokia phone’s IMEI number can also help you to permanently block the smartphone.

Track Nokia Phones: Contact Network Carrier

Next step is to get in touch with your phone’s network carrier. As most of the GSM Nokia phones can have any SIM card installed, you simply have to make a call to customer care and report about your missing phone. Depending on the kind of carrier your phone is linked with, you will have various options. For example, Airtel in India offers a mobile locator service that can track lost and stolen phones through GSM technology.

You can also contact your carrier to block the lost device, if they ignore your request for tracking the phone’s location. They will, however, be able to assist you with advice on what steps to take next for finding the device.

Track Nokia Phones: Use Tracking Apps & Softwares

There are dozens of apps available for both Nokia smartphones and basic handsets. So, for example, if you are using a smartphone powered with Windows 8 (preferably a Nokia Lumia phone) then you can use the built-in Find My Phone app to find the exact location of your missing device. Furthermore, you can also erase the important data remotely or even call the person to return your phone back.

Smartphones like Nokia Lumia also comes with a marketplace that features thousands of apps. There are also many “tracking” applications that allows you to monitor and trace Nokia phone’s location in less than a minute.

If you are using a Nokia Symbian phone, then you will have to install third-party apps. None of the Nokia Symbian phones and basic handsets comes with a built-in tracker, which is why you have to pre-install apps in case you lose the device. If you don’t, then your chances of finding the device is very slim.

In case you have cell phone trackers and other softwares installed, the tracking procedure gets easier. However, most of the old Nokia models will not automatically activate

Track Nokia Phones: Advanced Tracking

Various GPS tracking techniques allows you to track any smartphone, albeit this is limited to only smartphones. Rest of the Nokia devices, the basic handsets and one that comes with Nokia’s operating system, doesn’t have any chip for tracking.

Even satellite tracking is another possibility, which comes with a limitation: the technique is not available to the general public. This requires money and connection in police departments.