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How to Track Lost or Stolen Tata Docomo SIM Card Phones

Anyone losing a phone would generally say, “I have lost my mobile phone. How can I find it?” Although a valid question, it’s still too vague to be answered. This is similar to asking, “I want to order food.” What kind of food, you want? Similarly, if you have lost a Tata Docomo SIM card or a mobile phone it’s important to explain the kind of handset you have and the carrier network you have chosen.

Unfortunately, there are hundreds of Docomo phones, and everyday many folks have lost Docomo SIM cards for variety of reasons which makes it difficult to explain the tracking process. Let’s talk about phones first.

One thing is common though: most of these phones fall under the Android category, while the other phones are simply basic handsets. In this tutorial we will briefly explain you the number of ways to track a lost Docomo mobile phone.

Track Tata Docomo Phones: Smartphones

There are several ways to track a Docomo smartphone, all of which are as follows:

Use third-party tracking apps to track lost phone: If you have a Tata Docomo authorized smartphone, like HTC, then you can use third-party applications and softwares to remotely locate the address of your phone. There are tonnes of free mobile locators and tracking apps available in the Google Play store. Even the paid cellular tracks are worth the money.

There’s a catch though: these apps must be installed prior to losing your phone. If someone has already stolen the phone, then there is no way to find the phone location as you haven’t installed the app.

Use built-in trackers to find your phone: Some of the Docomo branded smartphones have a built-in tracking app which lets you find the location of the device, erase and lock the phone completely. You can even send text messages or make a phone call remotely, so that if any person finds the phone he/she could return it back to you.

Like third-party apps, these built-in trackers should be turned ON. Failing to do so makes the whole phone tracking process a little more difficult.

Use Email to identity location of your phone: Due to huge number of apps available, we often use our smartphone as a computer. If you have location service turned ON and an active Internet connection then it’s possible to know the accurate location of your phone. Let’s say if you are Gmail app on your phone, then you can login to Gmail from your computer and scroll to the button to find previous locations. Similarly, one can always use Foursquare or any location-aware apps to know the location last accessed.

Tracing and monitoring location this way should help you understand whether the phone is lost or was it stolen (change of place or location means that someone stole your mobile phone). After this is known to you, the next step in finding the phone is to take the matter in your own hands or ask the police officers to help you by filing a complaint.

Track Tata Docomo Phones: Basic Phones

Get in touch with carrier network: If you have solid connection with Docomo network or have an insider who will definitely help you, then request for a call list. This “call list” contains all the data you want — from the number of phone calls you received to the IMEI number of the phone. What’s more is that there is also a location of the phone, which should help you understand if the device was stolen or lost.

File a police complaint: Filing a police complaint against your lost or stolen phone leads to various advantages. First, what if your phone is misused? What if the thief uses your mobile phone to make calls? What if your phone’s SIM card is thrown out? Or the phone is sold to someone? All this and plenty more valid reasons can be stated at the police station.

If you convince them that it is important to find your phone, the cops will then approach the carrier network (the company which provided your SIM card or the phone) and ask them all the details they want. The company will be forced to share the details, from which the location of the device can be found out easily. The cops also have the power to demand phone from the thieves without creating a scene.


Tracking a Tata Docomo phone is no different than any other phone. The mobile tracking process is a blend of traditional approaches and uses of technology. Timing is important in tracking a phone as well.

So, if you lose your phone, it’s important to take the right steps at the right time. Make sure to read this article again and look at the sidebar for further information for tracking your lost phone. It’s not a magic that phones can be found. All it takes is a little bit of effort from your side and you will get back the lost or stolen phone within a specific time frame.