Use Track and Protect App to Find Missing Nokia Phones

Have you lost or has someone stolen your Nokia mobile phone? If so, then it’s time to act fast and lock your phone. Here is a mobile software that does exactly what you want.

“Track and Protect” is an app for Nokia Symbian smartphones that allows you to remotely lock your lost or stolen Nokia phone, find out the owner info, get the thief’s phone number and also capture the photo using the front-facing camera.

But first, you have to install Track and Protect on your Nokia phone. Download link is given below.

After completing the installation procedure, you have to set a passcode. A passcode can be a series of digits that is easy to remember. Your account will be created automatically, so that you can remotely login and track the device.

Note that you have to buy credits in order to monitor and track your missing phone. Without credit there is no way to find out the location of the lost or stolen Nokia phone. And like every other tracking app out there, this one should be pre-installed on the device.

You can even add an alarm or send a text message to the thief who stole your device. There’s more: if the thief decides to change the SIM card, the app will work even then (as it is installed on your Nokia phone’s memory) which makes it easier to track the phone thief.

Get Track and Protect

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