Track UT Shows Current Location of Nokia Symbian Phones

Location Tracking App for Nokia Phones

If your lost Nokia phone is on the move, then tracking it through Google Maps is possible using Track UT. This free app allows you to find the current location of your Nokia Symbian handset with the help of the Internet. Once again, if you think you can track a Nokia phone that’s already lost, then Track UT is not going to solve your problem.

Track UT is a really basic app which only shows the current location. So, to put it in another way, you must have the phone with you to find out the location. Again, the name is “deceiving” but it is able to track the location if you are connected to the Internet.

For anyone who have used smartphones, you will know that this “track-my-location” feature is already available on Google Maps. You simply have to open a browser, head over to while making sure that you have shared your location via GPS / 3G.

Track UT is useful for those Nokia basic phones that do not come with any browser or phones with limited features. Unfortunately, there is no way to remotely login and erase the data of the lost phone. And no, you can’t even track the device by logging into some website. Still, if you are lost somewhere, not sure of the places around you, then this is the app you need.

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